Web Content Change Request

The following form is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to submit requests for new pages on uthct.edu or myuthealthnews.org, or to request updates to the content of existing pages on those sites.

Important Notes:

  • Confirmation Message: After submitting your form, you should see a confirmation message in place of the form. If you can still see the form after clicking “Submit My Request,” you have not completed the form properly. Common errors include not completing mandatory fields, spaces at the end of email addresses or telephone numbers, and attempting to upload any type of document other than a PDF file for use on the website. Please check for an error message in red text, correct the error, and attempt to resubmit.
  • Faculty/Staff Directory: Requests for additions or updates to the faculty/staff directory should be submitted here: https://www.myuthealthnews.org/directory-request.
  • SharePoint Pages: These pages are not managed by the Public Affairs Department. Contact the individual page manager for help with SharePoint issues.
  • Academic Degree Programs: Only the Office of the Provost can approve changes to these sections of the website.  Submit your request to that office. If approved, they will complete this form.
  • Graduate Medical Education Program Pages: Only the Executive Director for Graduate Medical Education can approve changes to these sections of the website.  Submit your request to that office. If approved, they will complete this form.

If you have questions or issues with this form, please email webmaster@nulluthct.edu and someone will respond within three business days.



New Page

Include all of the text content for the page in the “Enter the Page Content below:” section. NOTE: Do not include any text that you do not wish to appear on the page. What you submit will be copied and pasted into the new page verbatim.

Replacement of an existing page

Write or paste the new text into the “Enter the Page Content below:” section. WARNING: The existing content of the page will be deleted and replaced with what you submit. The existing content will not be archived and cannot be retrieved.

Simple changes to an existing page

For simple changes – such as updating a phone number in a sidebar or adding a new link to myLINKS – complete the form with an explanation of the change(s) you are requesting in the “Enter the Page Content below:” section. Begin the explanation with the word ADD, REPLACE, or DELETE as indicated.

ADD: “Billie Jean” in the list of interns after “B.B. Leroy Brown” and before “Eleanor Rigby”

REPLACE: Fax number 903-877-7777 with 903-877-7000

DELETE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library will be closed until further notice.

Complex changes to PARTS OF an existing page

Copy each full paragraph that needs changes – as indicated below – into the “Enter the Page Content below:” section. Begin each section with the word ORIGINAL or EDITED as indicated.

ORIGINAL: Paste the full text from the paragraph to be edited here, with no changes from how it currently appears on the website. We will use this to confirm where the replacement should be made.

EDITED: Replace the above text here with the new text that you want to appear in its place on the website.

WARNING: Do not include any explanation of your requested changes here. The full paragraph indicated above will be deleted and replaced with the text you include here.

Repeat this format for each paragraph requiring edits.

Please note: All content for your page – other than images, or PDF documents to be linked to from your page – must be submitted in the “Page Content” section, below. To eliminate errors caused by “invisible” computer code produced by various software programs, content cannot be copied from any uploaded document(s). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Regarding the appearance of pages: The design of our web pages, and placement of elements on those pages take into account the fact that elements must be viewable on a variety of computers and mobile devices, and across more than a half-dozen internet browsers. Therefore, we do not accept “design” or “formatting” requests for changes to the appearance of pages.

All content submitted will be proofread and edited by the Public Affairs Department for spelling, grammar, punctuation, accuracy, clarity and compliance with UT Health Science Center editorial guidelines and brand standards. Except in cases of substantive edits, content will then be published live to the website(s) without further review. Do not submit “draft” or “placeholder” content.

A separate form is required for each new or existing web page.

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